Express faqs

tariff rates
Q: How much do you charge?
A: Domestic Air Freight and International Air Freight charges are based on the type of cargo, its weight, and its destination. For Domestic Air Freight charges, please refer to the Rate Calculator.

delivery areas

Q: For Domestic Air Freight, where can you ship in the Philippines?

A: With our extensive branch and delivery network, we have your documents and packages covered. Please use the branch and serviceable areas Form to find your nearest LBC branch.


Q: For International Air Freight, what parts of the world can you deliver cargoes?

A: LBC Solutions can get your freight to these international destinations: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Brunei, , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Italy, Germany, Israel


turnaround time

Q: When can I expect my cargo to arrive at its destination?

A: For both Domestic Air Freight and International Air Freight, we offer next day delivery, but offer no time commitment.


Q: Is there a cut-off time for booking?

A: Yes, we can accommodate same-day pick-up for Domestic and International Air Freight once booked not later than 1:00pm.


Q: How do I follow up the status of my transactions?

A: Customer may call Customer Care at 9086-522 or email us at


acceptance areas

Q: Where can I drop off my items for shipping?

A: You may endorse your cargo at any LBC Solutions Warehouse nearest you. View our Acceptance Areas List.