Mail faqs

tariff rates

Q: How much do you charge?

A: Please refer to the Rate Calculator to compute your Bulk Mail charges.


delivery areas

Q: Where can you ship in the Philippines?

A: With our extensive branch and delivery network, we have your documents and packages covered. Please use the branch and serviceable areas Form to find your nearest LBC branch.


turnaround time

Q: When can I expect my cargo to arrive at its destination?

A: We offer delivery of mails within 5 days, but offer no time commitment.


Q: Is there a cut-off time for booking?

A: Yes, we can accommodate same-day pick-up for Domestic and International Air Freight once booked not later than 1:00pm.


Q: How do I follow up the status of my transactions?

A: Customers may call Customer Care at 9086-522 or email us at


Acceptance areas

Q: Where can I drop off my items for shipping?

A: You may endorse your cargo at any LBC Solutions Warehouse nearest you. View our Acceptance Areas List.

Q:What items are not accepted for shipment?
A: In general, dangerous materials / elements are now accepted to ensure safety. See the complete list of prohibited items here.